Monday, March 19, 2018

Our Foodtrepreneur of The Week: Donya Wagyu

#FOTW: Donya Wagyu

Every week, Sugbo Mercado introduces fresh brands that are sure to take a place in your appetites. This is a compilation of our foodtrepreneurs, their stories, and their plans for the future.

Keisha Marie Bacalla: owner of Donya Wagyu

“One of my job perks when I was still working in a 5-star resort was to dine almost everyday “for free” in one of the finest Japanese restaurant. I have experienced eating premium wagyu beef and it became my favorite, with the fact that I was really amazed of how the beef melts in your mouth - I really fell in love with it. And with that experience, I have conceptualize and come up with Donya Wagyu.

The idea of having it as “Donya Wagyu is I‘ve notice in every logo, it represents manhood so I decided why not have it in a feminine perspective since I myself represents femininity. And also, as an ordinary person like me, I wanted people to have an idea of what premium quality beef tastes like that is why I created dishes out of the wagyu beef as the main ingredient with a Filipino twist,  of course!

I am very thankful and honored to Sugbo Mercado for giving me the opportunity to continue what I started. Hopefully someday Donya Wagyu will be seen inside malls, not just in Cebu but all over the Philippines.

-Keisha Marie Bacalla of Donya Wagyu; our foodtrepreneur of the week. #fotw

Visit Donya Wagyu at Sugbo Mercado! We are open every Thursday to Sunday, 5:00 PM until 1:00 AM. #sugbomercado #yourweekendfoodmarket

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