Monday, June 25, 2018

Our Foodtrepreneur of the Week: Sweet Fix


Every week, Sugbo Mercado introduces fresh brands that are sure to take a place in your appetites. This is a compilation of our foodtrepreneurs, their stories, and their plans for the future.

Just like it's name, Sweet Fix intends to serve its customers a sweet and satisfying classic that just never goes wrong. It's all about making people enjoy a different kind of ice cream - to try something out of the ordinary and foreign, and deliver it to them for easy access. Our aim is to let them enjoy what we enjoy. I mean, who doesn't love ice cream?

Ice cream is practically perfect for this country; well, most of the time. The concept of Sweet Fix makes ice cream all the more exciting and enticing to the market here, which was why we brought it in. It wasn't that popular in Cebu when we entered, and we knew we needed something unique. It was viral in Youtube at the time, which was where we learned how to make it ourselves.

We knew we wanted to be part of Sugbo Mercado for our brand's exposure. There's a lot of food traffic here, which makes the people stay. When we introduced the brand, people loved it. We've been with Sugbo Mercado for a little more than a year, and even started at their CBP branch. We immediately flourished when we moved to this branch. We're still here after a year, constantly selling our bestsellers - Cookies and Scream, and the Hazelnut Grace, which is actually banana and Nutella together.

The ride's been great, and someday soon, we plan on expanding. Hopefully, we'll get everyone their own sweet fix.

- Abigail Gubalor; Our Foodtrepreneur of The Week. Visit Sweet Fix at Sugbo Mercado, Garden Bloc of IT Park. We are open every Thursdays-Sundays 5pm-1am. See you there at #YOURweekendFoodmarket!

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