Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tahotally Succesful

Sugbo Mercado congratulates it’s latest #Sugbo MercadoSuccessStory, Tahotally, on its first mall outlet in Ayala Center Cebu. We talk with proprietor Cheryl Renee Fuentes to get the lowdown on their “Tahotally” successful move.

Sugbo Mercado: Why taho?

Cheryl: Since we regularly do exercise/workout, we made sure to take healthy food to sustain our energy and one of this is taho. But after awhile of taking the traditional taho, we decided to add more fruit flavors to make it more exciting. We made it and it tastes good, so we decided to share it with more people and that was the story of of Tahotally. Its the favorite healthy drink for Pinoys and we chose to go into this business because we knew that everyone enjoys eating it and it brings back a lot of childhood memories as well. We also wanted to make it more convenient for people to buy it in the mall, rather than in the streets. 

Sugbo Mercado: What’s behind the name?

Cheryl:We wanted a very catchy and exciting name so that people can remember it easily. A good friend of ours actually helped us with it. 

Sugbo Mercado:  Why did you decide to start at Sugbo Mercado instead of putting up a brick-and-mortar or even a mall kiosk?

Cheryl: Tahotally actually began at the Weekend Food Market at BTC, which was every Saturday only. Sugbo Mercado the most ideal place for a start up to build a customer base, since it's a mix of different kinds of people from students, families, and groups of friends.

Sugbo Mercado: Cebuano's are known to be rather critical and even resistant to new concepts. What were your challenges?

Cheryl: Initially, people compared it with the sidewalk taho, but we were able to gradually overcome it with our different syrup flavors. We have 6 different syrup flavors for now - original, mango, strawberry, mango float, coffee and peach mango. The best sellers would be mango float and original, maybe because these are very familiar to us Pinoys.

Sugbo Mercado: Congratulations on your new outlet! You're yet another Sugbo Mercado success story with this expansion outside the food market. So what's next for Tahotally?

Cheryl: To be present in the malls which we have recently done in Ayala.
Our kiosk is located at the 3rd level before the entrance of Metro Department store. 

Sugbo Mercado: Any message you want to put out to other budding young entrepreneurs out there?

Cheryl: Just be persistent and offer the best to the public.

SugboMercado: Well that’s certainly “The Way Taho Go!”


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