Monday, May 7, 2018

Our Foodtrepreneur of the Week: Gatsa-a

 #FOTW: Gatsa-a

Every week, Sugbo Mercado introduces fresh brands that are sure to take a place in your appetites. This is a compilation of our foodtrepreneurs, their stories, and their plans for the future.

Gatsa-a derived as “gatas at tsa-a” offers a great taste of tea combined to milk and fruit flavors with add-ons such as pearls, pudding, nata de coco and more! Our brand’s bestsellers are: Wintermelon, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Matcha and Cookies & Cream.  We also offer Chinese products such as siomai and ngohiong. 


The whole concept of our business was out-of-curiosity. Personally, I’m not a fan neither of tea nor milk but I love mixing and stuffing. Meanwhile, my business partner, Chimneeluz loves tea but not a fan of milk. But hey, we are both food lovers. Being best of friends since college and had our own life, we didn’t miss out chatting and sharing desires; Thus, our curiosity and commonality jive got us into trying Milk Tea and Fruit Tea. Plus the fact that it’s a big hit to millennial based on research, so we gave it a try. 


We started last November 2017 and we are on our 6th month this May! Indeed Sugbo Mercado gave us the best avenue to promote and create a name to the public with our exposure at Sugbo Mercado. 
We have always wanted to have a one-stop shop for our group of friends and customers to saddle and bond in a comfortable place to stay and chat. 

And now, we’ve drafted plans for the next few months and hopefully, we could embark on a stable shop to settle down with our products as Sugbo Mercado’s advocacy is to incubate Cebu’s Foodtrepreneurs to grow them into best local brands.

Also, we had the best of time and we’re grateful to the people we are surrounded with. Business associates were so warm and friendly that we’ll surely be missing out if we move out.

-Joyce  Anne Ruma and Chimneeluz Remonde, owners of Gatsa-a; Our Foodtrepreneur of the Week.

Visit Gatsa-a at Sugbo Mercado. We are open every Thursday to Sunday, from 5PM until 1AM. See you there at #YOURweekendFoodmarket. 

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